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87% of the world’s population use mobile devices.* Therefore, the popularity of mobile devices is extremely significant if you want your ecommerce business to be successful. The experts at Store Express explain why mobile ecommerce is so successful and how you can improve your ecommerce website.

Why Mobile Ecommerce Websites Are So Successful

The majority of people couldn’t imagine living without technology, especially mobile phones. As this technology is always evolving, mobile phones are more than just a device that can make and receive calls. We can now use them to connect to the internet, surf the web and shop online. Mobile phones also enable us to stay connected to our friends and family from any location through social media networks. With this knowledge, it can be assumed that online mobile traffic will always be increasing. How can ecommerce website owners benefit from a mobile-optimised website?

How Ecommerce Website Owners Can Benefit From Mobile Ecommerce

When it comes to technology and new marketing strategies, you should always be ready to adapt to changes and update your ecommerce website. Mobile devices are convenient for users to make online purchases.

51% of mobile users want to buy from mobile-optimised websites, while 58% expect pages to load just as fast as they would on a desktop PC. What about your website? Is it optimised for alternative devices?

Here are some tips from the Store express experts on how you could optimise your ecommerce website for mobile devices:

• Simplicity. Mobile users don’t want to read lots of information. Only include useful content in an easy-to-read font. Add a search toolbar to the top of the page so users can quickly navigate through your mobile site.

• Convenience. Clicking on links can be difficult on a mobile device. Find a way to display information in a way that makes your website easy to navigate.

• Speed. Users want valuable information to be available quickly. Optimise the most relevant content by analysing what people usually click on once they land on your mobile ecommerce website.

• Call to action. Include strong calls to action; encourage people to do what you want, whether it is to make a purchase or sign up to a newsletter.

• Checkout. Make your checkout process as quick and easy as possible.

Remember, it is all about creating an excellent customer experience. Make sure you analyse your mobile page and see what customers like, how they act once they’re on your mobile website, and whether your calls to action are strong enough.

Do you have a mobile-optimised ecommerce website? Don’t miss out on an opportunity to consult a Store Express expert and gain invaluable advice.

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