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In order to secure maximum sales on your ecommerce website, you need to attract the maximum amount of online traffic. Combined, of course, with suitable conversion rate optimised efforts which create an excellent online shopping experience for your site visitors. 

Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic and Sales With Mobile Optimisation

When it is evident through analytics data that your site is able to convert a great proportion of web traffic, it is crucial to capitalise on this by drawing in new sources of traffic. This can be through different online shopping channels like marketplaces, social media accounts and most importantly, through mobile devices. The number of people in the UK who not only have access to mobile devices, but are more than willing to shop on them is increasing month after month.

Recent research revealed that 66% of tablet owners have made purchases from their device, with 44% of smartphone owners spending online as well. By 2013 you can certainly expect these percentages to rise. With mobile devices people have the freedom to shop anywhere, at anytime. So by optimising your ecommerce website for mobile you can have an increased amount of opportunities to complete sales. People are more in contact with their smartphones than with a laptop or PC. So if any impulsive shopping were to occur, you need your ecommerce website to be a suitable destination for them.

Ecommerce Website Solutions That Benefit Business

When creating or updating your ecommerce website, you should enlist the services of ecommerce industry specialists, who understand how the industry and its trends are progressing. Making a stylish website is not enough; they need to be able to equip you with ecommerce solutions that enable you to make the most out of the current digital market.

Contact Store Express for details on their range of ecommerce solutions that can be custom designed for your business; with the goal of helping you become a long term success.

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