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A mobile first approach encompasses all devices that are mobile – used on the go and not just smart phones which is what is generally assumed. When undertaking a website design you should make sure it is compatible with all mobile platforms and has a responsive design that therefore is appropriate to lots of different formats.  With Store Express we can provide you with a premium quality website which combines the perfect mixture of high performance and visually stunning design.

Why Mobile First Website Design?

A mobile first approach to web design is when you design a website for mobile platforms before a desktop site. This is due to the fact that mobile sites offer far less real estate than desktop sites and you focus in more on the content and how the site is used. So the website should ideally be a responsive design and responsive designs are great because they work across all platforms and the same site can be viewed no matter what device you are using. A good balance of mobile-first, content-first and responsive user experience is what is needed for success in 2015.

According to strategist Chris Horton of SynCore Tech over a million smart phones were used globally in 2013 and they were used for 1 in every 4 searches online. He also said that over 50% of users prefer companies with good mobile websites. The world we live in now has a significant dependence on mobiles and not adapting your business and website design to meet these consumer demands would be quite foolish and potentially extremely damaging to your business.

Benefits To The Mobile First Approach

There are plenty of benefits to adopting a mobile first approach to website design such as:

  • Mobile user’s needs are met along with the requirements needed to adapt to mobile platforms.
  • It allows designers more control over what they want and doesn’t restrict them to focusing solely on technicalities but also on content, structure and navigation details. Content is more important that is has ever been for and needs dedication and insight channeled into it.
  • User experience is significantly improved due to navigation ease thus increasing visits from consumers to your site and increasing your online presence leading to more conversions and customers buying from you.
  • A mobile first website design produces a fresher, simple and highly functional concept that people will want to use and increase in traffic will likely lead to more conversions and greater profit.

High Converting Website Design From Store Express

So to optimise your website to be compatible with all devices across all platforms come to Store Express where we can use our expertise to enable you to have the highest quality website design that you deserve.

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