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A recent article stated that Britain is the biggest online shopping nation in the developed world* and as customers, we are a pretty tough crowd to please. Consumerism online is becoming vastly popular meaning that customer service is moving away from its original physical form and into the virtual world.  
Quality customer service in ecommerce is critical and should not be underrated as your customer satisfaction will inevitably decide whether your customers will visit your ecommerce website again, or detract others from visiting at all - a bad consumer experience will leave a lasting effect, potentially ruining your company’s reputation.

What Is Quality Ecommerce Customer Service?

Unlike a physical store, an Ecommerce website’s customer service starts way before anything has been sold. It is necessary to provide a full, consistent package to your customers to keep them happy and this needs to begin as soon as the consumer shows an interest in your site.
How to provide good customer service:
Get to know your consumers. “Consumers now expect online retailers to know who they are, anticipate their needs and guide them to their desired outcome”* This means from the word ‘go’ you need to understand your shoppers wants and needs and give clear specifications to the products. Quality ecommerce sites will also know a returning customer, and provide benefits to them (suggested items, previous purchases, sign in details etc).
Be accessible. Consumers know their way round the internet these days and they all have their own preferences on how they want to communicate with you. This means you need to provide a full range of communication options, such as; live chat, telephone numbers, email, social media and FAQs blogs and guides - all of these options must be clearly displayed on your site. 
Be organised. Last year £68.2 billion was spent on the internet in Great Britain alone* and this was not due to over complicated sites that are slow and frustrating. Consumers will choose sites that are simple and arranged well so the transaction is speedy, they do not have time to hunt around complicated online stores, much like a physical shop it must be easy to move around.
Talk the talk and walk the walk. Unlike a physical business transaction, with ecommerce the customer service is not over once the transaction has been made. In terms of the delivery of the product you must do what your site says it will do. This means sending instant email conformation, providing appropriate shipping options and delivering the product within the specified time selected. This must be followed up with a coherent returns policy for the customer’s convenience. 

How will this benefit your business?

Well rounded customer service is fairly simple to provide and will benefit your business substantially. Bad word of mouth travels far and wide but so does good, meaning the more customers you please the more other potential customers will hear about it, giving your ecommerce website an influx of traffic. It will also ensure previous customers return to you again and again which will improve your sites authority and customer loyalty. 

How Store Express Can Help?

Here at Store Express we are in the know when it comes to providing the complete ecommerce package. Whether you are new to the game or are looking to improve your existing site we can help you get the results you want.
We provide leading expertise for all your ecommerce needs and can share our experience in many areas including:
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