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Music Television channel MTV has launched its new Social mobile app called MTV Under My Thumb. It gives its users the power to MTV all of the time and share their favourite songs through social sites such as Facebook. One other almost unique feature is the ability to allow the customer to hook up their phone to their TV and watch the channel on a large scale using the phone as a remote. Some very cool features but what does this mean for the world of ecommerce stores?


Whatts the use for Mobile ecommerce?

The use of this social app is to primarily allow the customer to watch MTV whenever they wish. The business side is to spread the MTV brand, increase revenue through adverts and take payment for subscriptions to the channel. These subscriptions start from free called Tiny Thumbss, with limited shows and adverts to Super Thumbss giving the customer access to extra shows and seriess for 2.99 per month or 29.99. MTV boasts over 2.7 million users currently using their existing mobile ecommerce solutions over many European countries. This app hopes to unify them all into one mobile app.


Clever ecommerce

Now one of the best ways to get out there in the publics eye is through the use of social media. By connecting to a huge range of people and collecting up a vast array of contacts you are effectively herding new customers your way. Using social media hubs like apps, social sites and events you have the ability to send your brand and ideas out into the ether of the web. Effectively this acts like free advertisement as news quickly spreads by word of mouth and viral advertising. For example, mentioning that your ecommerce stores are having a sale on a social media site can cause a tidal wave of custom as it can spread through reposts, re-tweets, comments, likes, replies and every other type of social speak.


Its not all just about shouting ecommerce

Just because your website talks the talk doesnnt mean it walks the walk. After all if all of these excited customers head to your store to find an old dated piece of website they will just run away. Usability is crucial to, if someone struggles to make a purchase they will more than certainly just leave as they could find the same deal for a lot less hassle leaving you with incredibly high bounce rates. Remember the redesign of ecommerce sites doesnnt have to be complicated when companies like Store Express handle it all for you!


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