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Improve Ecommerce Sales With Mobile Commerce

Online sales reached over 62 billion worldwide last year as ecommerce rapidly grew. When mobile commerce went global in 2012, figures showed that 7.5 billion was spent across the platform, accounting for 12% of digital sales. An increase of 4% since 2011, saw a rise in sales through smartphones and tablets, with mobile commerce sales growing by 300% throughout 2012. Vice president of consumer goods and retail at Capgemini, Chris Webster said The results leave very little doubt the value advancements in mobile technology have brought to the retail sector. Sales via mobiles devices have tripled during the space of a year, and have seen one in eight sales and one in five visits take place through mobile devices. Similar research conducted in January 2013 showed that about 28% of mobile shoppers looked up reviews, and 27% compared prices.

Whether you are a small or large business, a successful ecommerce campaign will help to make your company grow. In spite of this continued economic uncertainty, 2012 has proved itself as a year for growth in retail ecommerce. It is clear that online channels are at the forefront of retail growth, as online sales have increased by approximately 4 x compared to brick and mortar retail.

Better Business On Your Ecommerce Website

Building a successful ecommerce business is easy with a properly designed ecommerce website. There are three things you should take in mine when employing an ecommerce solution:

  • Use an easy ecommerce platform to make an attractive online store with relative ease.
  • Use a reliable wholesaler or vendor many will now distribute to even small ecommerce shops
  • Sell something unique and niche choose something that big companies wouldnt sell and sell it better

With ecommerce you can increase the speed at which you sell products with 24/7 online stores. Unlike bricks and mortar retail, you will be able to reach customers with no geographical limitations. Operational costs are reduced with online stores as products can be held in one location ready for shipping. An ecommerce website has no need for a physical company set up, and is both easy to set up and manage. Customer satisfaction is improved as products can be viewed in the comfort of their own home and delivered straight to their door.

If you are new to online selling or want to revamp your ecommerce website, there are several solutions available for those looking to improve their digital sales. For a complete online ecommerce solution come to Store Express. We can get you started, and make your ecommerce website work for you.

To start making money today with you ecommerce website contact Store Express. We have a range of services such as multi channel ecommerce solutions, Amazon integration and other ecommerce software like Kashflow integration. Call 0845 050 3500 or email

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