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You have probably heard of responsive design for smartphones and mcommerce, but have you thought about making your ecommerce website design specifically tablet-friendly?

The market for various tablet PCs has exploded and experts agree that tablets will reshape the way we shop, communicate, and browse online. More than just a passing trend, we believe the tablet is definitely here to stay. What can your business do to make the most of it?

Tablet-Friendly Ecommerce Website Design

In order to tap into the audience of active tablet users, you need a different approach when it comes to web design. Even though you may be tempted to recreate the desktop experience on the tablet, you should aim for a more targeted strategy. Tablets offer a lot of functions for their users; your e-commerce web design should incorporate the best of what tablet PCs can offer.

Responsive website design might also seem like a solution as it is applicable to all mobile devices. However, with this approach, the tablet and the smartphone become the same thing, which doesn’t utilise the tablets ecommerce potential. In order to succeed in the world of tablets with your web design, you need to view the tablet as a component of your multichannel consumer strategy and provide your users with a unique experience.

Factors For Tablet E-Commerce Web Solutions

There are numerous ways to provide your users with a unique tablet experience, but our team of industry experts believes in these three features the most:

1. You want your website design to be responsive to touch. Tablets are enjoyed by users because they are very convenient to use. Your main aim is to provide the users with a tablet experience that is enjoyable and interactive. Smooth browsing, scrolling and swiping are a must.

2. What do you want to achieve with your tablet-friendly web design? The key points that will help you measure your success are the time spent on your site, conversion rates, and how often your products were shared on social networks.

3. Your goal is to create an experience that is content-driven. You want to engage with your customers, so provide them with lots of media and allow them to enjoy the tablet experience in the comfort of their home.

Your user is the main judge of your tablet website design, so create a memorable, interactive and engaging experience to ensure a loyal customer base. This will eventually result in a higher conversion rate.

Web Design Providers For Your Business

Get your ecommerce website design optimised specifically for a tablet with the team of experts at Store Express. We work full time to optimise ecommerce stores and help them grow.

The Store Express web design providers can increase your online visibility through multiple channels, achieve more online recognition, and appear in the top positions in the most popular search engines. Get your high conversion ecommerce shopping cart platform today and sell more online with Store Express e-retail solutions.

If you want a high conversion ecommerce website solution – feel free to contact us for further consultation about our ecommerce websites. Please email or call 0845 050 3500 to find out the best solution for your e-business.

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