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The number of people shopping on their mobile is rising every year. Mobile devices are becoming the preferred way for browsing the web so it is important to have a web design which matches expectations. As a result, Responsive ecommerce has become even more important for businesses which want to improve the user experience and increase sales.

Why Responsive Ecommerce Is So Important

It is no longer enough to have a mobile site and a desktop site because the emphasis is now on providing a consistent experience across multiple channels and platforms. A responsive ecommerce site's ability to adapt to different screen sizes does lend itself to offering consistency and this is not the only benefit.

User Experience – Mobile users want a relaxed, convenient experience which is perfect when they're on the go. Responsive design can offer an easy to navigate, seamless experience across multiple devices, which is readily accessible. Responsively designed sites can also adjust to context, rather than just size. Buttons which stand out, images which remain prominent and icon navigation can contribute to converting traffic into sales or actions.

Easy Management – A single responsive ecommerce solution will allow you to manage site content, products and orders efficiently. There will be no duplicate content and you only need to manage one site for all devices. It is important to make browsing easier for consumers, but time effective management for clients is another reason why responsive solutions are so important.

Increased Conversions – Consumers are gaining more confidence in shopping on mobile devices. Over £20 billion was spent on tablets in 2013. In 2015, that figure is expected to rise to £55 billion. However, potential customers will abandon a transaction if a website is not optimised for mobile. Responsive makes mobile optimisation easier, so without it you could be missing out on a significant amount of sales.

Improved Rankings – Google recommends responsive design for improving SEO as responsive sites only works from one URL, so traffic is directed to one place. Optimising a desktop site for mobile will require two URLs, which will both receive their own traffic so higher rankings are harder to achieve. It also makes it harder for Google to crawl and index a site.

Responsive ecommerce is important because it is a simple way of ticking so many boxes. It creates a strong user experience across different platforms, which will improve conversion rates. It is a time and cost effective way of managing one site on multiple devices, so it is better for clients. Improved SEO can also be achieved, which means better brand exposure and more traffic. Importantly, responsive design is only in its infancy. This means in the coming years there will be more innovative ways in which to use it. Choosing a responsive design is also a solid plan for the future.

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