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Ecommerce reviews are very important for your website to have because they increase the number of conversations and also improve customer experience. This is important as if the customer has a good experience on your website they are more likely to return to your website and purchase another product from you. Always encourage your customers to leave an ecommerce review!

The Benefits Of Including An Ecommerce Review Section On Your Site

Ecommerce ReviewsThere are a number of reasons why you should be asking your customers to leave behind an ecommerce review on your website:

  1. Increase Number Of Customers - Most customers will find a product that they think is right for them but when they read through the product description might become unsure whether they should by it. For instance, if it’s a gardening product perhaps they are unsure whether it will protect the particular plant that they want protecting. If the customer becomes unsure then they might decide not to make a purchase. However, if there were customer reviews listed on the product page then the customer can read through these reviews and find something that’ll sway them into buying.
  2. Fresh Content - An ecommerce review will provide your website with fresh content which search engines like. If your website has fresh and unique content this can differentiate your site from others that just use the same generic product descriptions, increasing your search engine rankings.
  3. Improve Ranking On Search Engine Results Page - Many customers will search for the product and product review on the search engines. If you have product reviews then these keywords will be noted by the search engine and your website will be ranked high on the search result page which increases the likelihood that your website will be clicked on by the customer.
  4. Improve Ranking On Long Tail Searches - An ecommerce review will provide extra content which will increase the chance of your website ranking high up on the search results page during long tail searches.

    Studies have shown that 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews. This is as the customer review can provide more information than the product description, such as, if it worked well or not and the quality of the product.

    An ecommerce review on your website will help increase customers and sales as more people are likely to purchase a product that has been reviewed and the reviews say is good to use.

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