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Customer needs are always changing. If you want to run a successful ecommerce business and attract more customers, then change is inevitable for your website design. Store Express have noticed some frequent changes while analysing ecommerce website designs. So what makes your website old-fashioned and how can you revitalise it?

What makes your Ecommerce Website Look Outdated?

Here are some of the most significant changes in ecommerce website design:

• Home page. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as home page anymore. Instead they are called landing pages; users can land on any of the pages on your website.

• Speed. Ecommerce websites should not take a long time to load. If your website doesn’t load in less than three seconds, users will go elsewhere.

• Alternative device optimisation. More users are now using alternative methods to browse the internet. Make sure your ecommerce website is optimised and properly works on tablet and mobile devices.

• Interactive experience. Including your email and phone number isn’t enough to create an interactive experience. You should give them something extra and unique. Use social networks for users to easily share your products. Also, respond to tweets and comments to show that you care about customers.

• Website visit time. You should see your website visit time decrease. This is good; it means that customers were able to go to your website, find what they want and purchase it quickly. 

Bringing Your Old Ecommerce Website To A New Life

You should take care of your website and regularly update it. You can add new features, update the page design, optimise the content, include relevant inbound links, add sales or update photos. Likewise, you can manage existing content so it doesn’t become outdated.

How to update your ecommerce website:

• Outline key features. Once a customer lands on your website make sure they are guided towards your goal. Make key features stand out, such as sales, discounts or new products.

• Quality images. Nothing sells products better than high-quality images and well-written product descriptions.

• Minimalistic design. Your product should be the focus of your ecommerce website. Make people want to buy them – don’t let users be distracted by a lavish website design.

• Social media. Use social media networks for sharing and creating a buzz around your products or services. Add social media buttons for easy sharing and update your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts regularly. Interact with your customers and show them what your brand is really about.

Do you want to know what customers think about your website design? Do you want an expert to evaluate your website? Store Express can revitalise your website and keep it up to date with ecommerce website design trends. For more information call: 0845 050 2500 or visit our website:

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