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Typography is one of the most featured design elements to any ecommerce store so its no wonder that its given a lot of thought. So many different aspects go into each piece of text on any site, these can range from the obvious such as the content of the text, the way it has been written, grammar and spelling and the font used. To the subtler, such as the spacing between words, letters, lines, indents for paragraphs and alignment/justification for the whole text. So many different variables go into a simple paragraph that some of the key features are often missed. Below is a list of some of these features.


Ecommerce Friendly Fonts

One of the most important aspects of text is the font in which it is being represented. Visually a font can portray a variety of moods and feelings just from the way the letters are arranged. There are two main groups of fonts, serif fonts and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts like Times new roman have little “feet” or “flairs” on the ends of their strokes, sans serif fonts do not have these feet. When choosing a font for your ecommerce store its important to make sure that it reflects the style of your store and is legible. For example, if you are an online bookstore, maybe a script like fonts may work better then corporate bold fonts. You may also want to consider how the font you select looks bolded, italics and underlined as these could be needed throughout your ecommerce solutions.


Text sizes best for ecommerce solutions

If font is the ying then text size is the yang as these two go hand in hand with one another. When writing content for any ecommerce website it is important to think about the hierarchy of the text on the page. This is usually the following: Titles will be the largest text size, sub headings about half the size of the title and finally the body text size should be no less that 10-12pt but this depends on the fonts size as some are huge even at smaller text sizes. But rules are meant to be broken so this doesn’t always apply but just to be sure this is the best way to layout any body of text.


To be continued…

This blog will continue soon where more aspects of Typography and ecommerce shall be revealed and explored!


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