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Satisfying the needs of your customer base is an important part of ecommerce website design. As a result, mobile and responsive ecommerce has become an incredibly important factor when designing a new online store. To help increase potential revenue from your site, take a look at the top web design trends for 2014.

What Are The Trends In Ecommerce Website Design In 2014?

  1. Responsive Grid Design – As seen on ecommerce sites such as Currys and ASOS, grid based responsive websites are becoming more and more commonplace in website design. Responding to the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed; responsive designs built on grid eliminate the need to create a separate mobile optimised site. This makes for increased functionality, potential increases in revenue and a better UX.
  2. Personal Portraits – While online shopping websites are designed to be convenient and easy to use, ecommerce website design often lacks the personal touch that the high street has to offer. To counter this, team portraits are being incorporated into more and more websites. By simply including a photo of yourself or your team, you can create a more human feel to your ecommerce site, potentially attracting and retaining more customers.
  3. Font Based Icons – Previously, icons found on websites are based on image formats like gifs or jpegs. While handy, these have their shortcomings such as being resolution dependent or having a large file size. The @font-face declaration is used to implement font-based icons into your website. As the icons are essentially fonts, rather than images, the colour, transparency and other design elements can be controlled easily leading to some interesting designs.
  4. Rich Content – More and more elements such as video and other rich content are becoming essential parts of ecommerce website design. This allows retailers to offer more information on their product, as well as making the content more engaging and shareable – this is great for SEO!
  5. Mobile First Design – As the popularity of mobile browsing grows, so does the emphasis on mobile first design. Mobile first design is a method used for building responsive websites. Designing for the smallest screen up, rather than desktop down, this ensures that your ecommerce website works on all platforms.

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