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Ecommerce is constantly moving and evolving, so clients need to ensure they are up-to-date with their design choices. More and more online retailers are turning to responsive ecommerce design due to the significant number of advantages it brings. But what are the best practices for responsive web design?

How To Best Use Responsive Design

Making use of the same filters across all devices, computer, tablet etc. helps create a smoother experience for the user. A different filter for different devices only succeeds in giving the user a fractured browsing session, having to work differently depending on device used. Some retailers have, at different times, removed certain filters from some devices – do not do this! Having all of the same filters keeps consistency across all browsing devices.

A convulated website with more pages than necessary, especially on mobile devices, is a bad website in terms of mobile browsing. Simplification is the key. A tool icon in the header area on mobile browsers, known as the 3 bar tool icon, allows signified access to primary navigating and tools. By simplifying the main viewport in this way, products are given more vertical space, which is one of hallmarks of responsive ecommerce design. This helps to get the attention of site visitors.

Letting those browsing across all devices the choice to have the grid format is excellent responsive design practice. Visitors can then decide whether to browse through more visual means with bigger images or informative text with smaller images.

Weeding out the less important stuff on a webpage can do a lot of good for browsing. Cutting out the non-essentials which can constitute as filler material and homing in on just the vital information can greatly enhance a visitor’s experience. Being as clear and as slim on details as possible can aid the user. Following this practice will create a smoother user experience, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction.  

Ensuring the same page position is kept when changing filters, letting a number of different filters be selectable, and collapsing certain sections when not in use can help customers see more products and have a more pleasant time shopping online. Speed is also something which will make for a better browsing experience and a slow one can seriously compromise a user’s site experience.

Responsive Ecommerce Web Design From Store Express

Looking for a great website, complete with responsive design, to improve traffic and drive your conversion rates up? Then contact us here at Store Express. We can rebuild your existing website, or create you a brand new, fully responsive ecommerce solution using our own reliable platform. We make sure that we follow the industry standard best practices to tailor your website to your specific needs.

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