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When you initially decide for your business to integrate an E-commerce web design, it is important to know the key things you are trying to achieve. Once you know what things you want to target, Store Express will build your e commerce website.

E-commerce website design will be truly successful if the following two things are targeted; increasing your conversion rate and making sure your website ranks well in the search engines.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the term used to help make your website rankings high. SEO which is used to target keywords and benefit your website traffic is vital. Every ecommerce website we build is SEO friendly.

The conversion rate is the proportion of the number of visitors your ecommerce website receives, which complete a specific goal like making a sale or filling out an enquiry form.Conversion rates can be improved by adding reviews for your products or services. Improving your website content and focusing on images, videos and vital text which are all important features. In particular, the way in which your website is designed regarding accessibility, navigation and layout on the pages really makes a difference.

Quality Of Your Ecommerce Website Design

In order to make your online business successful here are some tips to follow;

  • The structure for your site should have clear headlines and sub headers. Depending on the nature of your business and if you are selling products this will apply to you.
  • On your website where you have your product categories and sub categories, you need to have all the items fully displayed. High resolution images are always good to invest in as viewers can see the products in detail.

Reliable ecommerce website designers will build your ecommerce site by aiming it at your target audience. All colours, banners and accessibility will represent your brand identity. Non specific and generic designs will not resonate well with your unique business needs and target market.

Show Off Your Products Or Services Via e-commerce

A professional ecommerce website will automatically increase your number of sales about 25% on average. They reflect a more trustworthy site that visitors are more likely to embrace and spend time on.

At Store Express, we can design a brochure or catalogue website for your products or services. This will provide customers with more knowledge about each product or service your business has. All products will be categorised via a list of categories and sub categories. Banners can promote your important marketing messages such as; promotions, competitions or sale items.

A catalogue design will make the buying process easier for your customers as an enquire now button will be placed on the products pages.

In terms of SEO, having a blog module is a very beneficial way of not only increasing your rankings but blogging about your products.

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