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Everyone who is a casual web user or hosts a successful ecommerce solution is familiar with Google. It is the most used search engine within the UK and owns various media sites such as YouTube. An Encyclopaedia of information at your disposal, all the tools to monitor the data collated by your website, market online and also sells through its shopping network. Most recently launched Google Plus the newest social media network which incorporates recommendations from users within your circle to rank your website.

Google was founded on the 7th September 1998 after renaming it from Backrub (A name used to signify the relevance of the website by using solely the number of backlinks it has.) Since then Google has weighted other factors into its complex algorithm and is still updating and rapidly growing.

Google changes its Birthday to 27th September.

In 2005 Google made the announcement that a record number of pages were being indexed, ecommerce websites, brochures sites and now mobile websites. In celebration of this Google changed its birthday to coincide with this record achievement. So weve all got Google to thank whether we are a web user for providing relevant information when you need it on the phone or at home, Or for Ecommerce website owners for giving them access to a worldwide audience allowing them to compete with large brands.

Happy Birthday Google!

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