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Online marketplace integration is a lucrative solution for reaching new international markets. In order to reach a new market of customers ecommerce website owners will have to either promote their site through international channels or simply create a selling platform where that market already shop in.

Many countries not based in the West are currently in the early adoption and growth stages of ecommerce. Whereas places like the UK and USA are in maturity and customers already confident in dictating how the market develops, other international online shoppers are embracing more and more of what ecommerce has to offer. So there is still an opportunity for some ecommerce website owners to gain first mover advantages and firmly establish themselves as a big player in that countrys online market.

South Africa Embracing Ecommerce Website Shopping

The number of South Africans shopping online is now consistently on the rise. Research from the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) found that 52% of people they surveyed shopped on online platforms like Amazon, BidorBuy and in the past year.

Amazon is the world leading online marketplace, next to eBay. Its reach is truly global and therefore ecommerce websites that make use of a marketplace such as this can benefit from growing international sales.

Amazon Integration From Store Express

With a fully integrated ecommerce solution, businesses can operate their ecommerce website and Amazon store all from one location. Every aspect of running your online business through Amazon/eBay and your stand alone ecommerce site can be managed efficiently and effectively.

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