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DIY Ecommerce Website Designers Must Avoid These Web Design Mistakes

In this day and age, anyone can build a website using various online tools. However, businesses are more likely to lose money and valuable customers through common website design mistakes. Store Express will now list the mistakes made by DIY ecommerce website designers. Avoid these pitfalls and you will drive traffic, boost sales, and increase revenue.

• Make it a rule to never put essential information in a format that will make it look like an advertisement.

• Cramming too much information on the home page is enough to drive away potential customers.

• Your website must be easily accessible and navigable.

• Check for cross browser compatibility.

• DIY ecommerce website designers must create websites with effective calls to action. This will clearly tell visitors what action needs to be taken.

• Attention spans are usually short. A visitor is only one click away from abandoning your website, so it’s important to give them a reason to stay. Engaging and informative content is the best way to do this, and you can break it up with subheadings and bullet points.

• Make sure you use web-safe fonts.

• Your visitors can easily get frustrated and move on to your competitor’s site if they don’t find what they want easily. Make the search box clearly visible, and capable of handling misspellings.

• Watch your colours. Choose colours carefully as it can be confusing to customers if you get it wrong. Use colours to differentiate clickable text and text where links have already been clicked.

• Choosing to have a simple site isn’t a bad idea, but focus on making it more effective and functional.

• Most DIY ecommerce website designers use off-the-shelf templates to create websites. Though this is going to cost less, it will also look generic, with no connection whatsoever to your brand. There’s nothing wrong with using templates, but it needs to be customised and tweaked to make it look unique and reflect your brand.

• Websites must be designed whilst keeping target audience in mind. This will allow your website to directly speak to your targeted audience about your business.

• Pay attention to the product catalogue, product listing and pricing. Listing prices is extremely important – remember to include shipping charges to avoid any sudden surprises.

• DIY ecommerce website designers must never put search engine optimisation on the backburner. It should be weaved in and out of every page of the website. SEO is extremely important to make a website visible to customers, which is paramount for a successful business.

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