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Web Design can be incredibly difficult, particularly if you want to create an engaging, intuitive website which matches your brand identity and appeals to your target audience. There are a lot of features to juggle, such as navigation, content, media, loading speed and social media integration; it can be hard without professional help.

By taking advantage of fantastic web design in reading and across the country, you can be sure that your business has the website that it deserves, which improves customer satisfaction, encourages audience interaction and conversion rates, along with providing you with a stable platform to grow your online presence.

The 3 Principles Of Great Web Design

1.Information One of the main reasons your audience comes to any website is for relevant and accurate information. The internet is a fascinating place where anything can be learnt, and educating people on your site can encourage conversion actions; even turn your users into customers!

Ensure that your typography is easy to read and relevant to the content. Remember, nobody wants to read a business proposal in comic sans, just as no child wants to read a story in heavy gothic script. Ensure that your websites design meets the expectations of your audience with the way it delivers said information.

Adding white space to either side of your content area, or breaking the text up with uncomplicated images, can give your reader the chance to rest their eyes, meaning that they enjoy the experience of reading your content all the more. Using higher contrast styles, like blacks and whites (which also provide a minimalist, classic look), you can make the experience of reading your content even easier.

Readers scan from top to bottom and left to right; match your websites design to feed this method, place the important information or navigational equipment in the first place that your reader will look.

2.Interaction Encouraging a sense of audience interaction is integral to the success of your eCommece website. Make certain that your websites copy is straightforward, enables your readers to understand and, subsequently, interact.

Use obvious navigational terms, and ensure that your products and services are easy to find. Dont make it difficult for your reader to access different parts of your website, and ensure that your design allows commenting, reviews and make certain that you have a strong social media presence.

Also, make certain that your design utilises simple colours, perhaps with the more colourful colours of your brand as highlights. Whilst creating a strong brand is necessary, you dont need to sacrifice ease and comfort to push your identity onto your users.

3.Integration By integrating your site with social media, you are encouraging the spread of both information and interaction. Social media is one of the greatest tools for the modern eCommerce website and, without it; many businesses would have failed or struggled to build a lasting impression on the internet.

Incredible Web Design in Reading, From Store Express

Utilising the incredible services we offer, for web design in Reading and across the country, can be the difference between success and failure for many start-up or established businesses looking to boast a strong online platform from which they can grow.

At Store Express, we specialise in creating and maintaining personalised eCommerce websites and solutions for a wide range of business in a variety of industries. With years of experience, in web design in Reading and across the country, we have proven that we are more than capable of providing business-centric, high-performing websites with complete SEO capabilities.

For more information email our friendly support staff at or contact us at 0845 050 3500.

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