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Christmas time should be the playground for ecommerce websites, because people do not have the time or inclination to travel outside into the cold and busy streets to do their Christmas shopping. Instead, people would much rather do their Christmas shopping online from the comfort and warmth of their homes. It only seems sensible then to update your website to a more festive feel to encourage people to come to your website over your competitors.

What can we do to increase your sales over the Christmas period?

With our help here at Store Express, we can offer you additional modules to your ecommerce website to drive traffic and increase your sales throughout the Christmas period. Here are just a few of our additional modules which will help your ecommerce website reach its full potential over Christmas.

Have you considered a background and banner?

Updating your background and banner to a more festive design, can help people to feel at home on your site and gives the impression that your products are a great idea for a Christmas present. It is also eye-catching and encourages users to stay on your site if they are considering gifts. Updating your banners and backgrounds are also relatively cost-effective in comparison to the difference to your conversions rates.

What about a countdown timer?

A countdown timer seems relatively innocuous, but you will be surprised how it can optimise your conversion rates. A countdown timer is a brilliant method of encouraging users to buy impulsively. The countdown timer can be used to mark the countdown to:

  • the end of an offer or sale.
  • the last date you can order to get delivered in time for Christmas
  • the opening of a physical sale in store (or launch of a new collection etc)
  • an event/exhibition
  • the last time for entry into a competition
  • the release of something (e.g. a book, file, new product, new service, white paper, video presentation etc)

Or a Gift Voucher module can really boost your sales?

A gift voucher is the best friend for an indecisive customer. If you could make it possible for users to purchase gift vouchers online, it provides a win-win situation. Your sales will boost even if there are no products which take their fancy, and they will be happy that they do not have to trawl through pages of products and try to make a decision about what their second auntie once removed would like for Christmas!

Why not speak to a Store Express representative today about what we can do for your e-commerce website to ensure booming sales throughout the Christmas period. Call today on: 0845 050 3500 or visit our website.

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