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Within seconds of landing on your website, can your visitors work out what your company does? Can your traffic realise, in a heartbeat, exactly what services or products that your business has to offer?

If the answer is no, then you need reconsider your online design strategy, and improve on the layout of your website - because most visitors will probably switch off. Your website needs to take advantage of the very best web design in the UK, and make certain that it clearly communicates with your audience just what you are offering, why you are offering it, and why they should choose to engage with your online presence.

Some Tips To Consider When Re-Evaluating Your Online Presence

  • Have A Plan – Before you start worrying about which style of layout and what colours might best reflect your brand, consider your overall business strategy. You should go through the entire process of reimagining your website by questioning what you are doing. What are we offering? Why will people find this attractive? Is this easy to use and engage with? Will this drive sales, increase brand awareness or make a more intuitive platform for our customers? Find out exactly what your potential customers, or traffic arriving at your site, want and make sure that you incorporate it into your website.

  • Think About Your Content – Nobody wants to engage with a website that constantly displays attention grabbing graphics or extremely loud colours; in fact, these designs can be damaging to your business’ online reputation and profitability. Keep your design simple, and traffic will appreciate how relaxing and easy to engage with your online solution is.

  • Consider Intuitive Navigation – At all times, consider your website's usability. If it is incredibly slow, or if your layout makes it difficult to efficiently navigate around your site, then you are dramatically increasing the likelihood of a potential customer abandoning their interaction and, possibly, losing out on valuable custom.

    Allowing your customers the tools to move around your site is one thing, but making sure that valuable content is easy to find is another. Make your company news, any blogs you write or any products or services that you are really trying to push easily accessible and you’ll be enjoying the wonderful advantages of intelligent layout in no time at all.

  • Encourage Social Media Engagement – By integrating your business’ social media with your website, either by including a social feed into your design or social media buttons to allow comprehensive engagement, you can greatly increase the likelihood of your customers becoming more aware, and more loyal, to your brand.If your customers start to share the information of your site on social media, then you are advertising to a much greater audience than you otherwise might have been. This could result in greatly increased interest from a previously untapped audience.

  • Remember To Optimise For Mobiles - In today’s eCommerce world, it’s vital that websites have to be optimised for viewing on mobile devices. More than half of all retail traffic originates on a mobile device. Most common desktop websites will not load correctly on a mobile, so having a specially-designed platform for your website that mobile phones can read, will make it easier for people to browse your website.

Store Express – Experts In Web Design In the UK!

Here at Store Express, we specialise in web design in the UK, helping new businesses to create a presence and more experienced businesses to revamp their current output. We understand the importance of an online business’s eCommerce needs - our vast experience in eCommerce and web design meaning that we’re able to tailor our techniques with your needs.

If you’re interested in any of our web design services, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated eCommerce specialists on 0845 050 3500 or e-mail us at

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