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The market of ecommerce is fiercer than ever. With technology advancing at the speed of light, it may appear difficult to keep up. However, if you want your e-business to survive, you have to put a lot of effort into your ecommerce website design and its latest innovations.

Taking advantage of the growing ecommerce market can generate sales and increase your conversion rate. It is certainly true that a lot of marketers lack the time to dig deeper into the complicated aspects of ecommerce web design, but finding the time can be extremely rewarding for your business.

Trends In Ecommerce Website Design Today

The following elements will contribute to the success of your ecommerce website design so you can get the most out of the growing online market.

• Responsive web design. It seems everybody is talking about it, but what is it? Essentially, it’s a web solution to make sure your site design works on any type of device that has internet access and a screen.

• Compatibility with tablets and smartphones. Your desktop site optimisation is worthless if your ecommerce site design is not depicted properly on the latest smartphone or tablet. Almost half of respondents (48%)  think that your business does not care about the consumers if your site isn’t working properly on their mobile or tablet. We simply cannot allow you to lose this opportunity in mobile commerce!

• Your ecommerce blog. Posting relevant information related to your products or services helps you attract more traffic to your online store. Moreover, the majority of buyers (79%) research products before they make a purchase . Do you want to succeed? Provide your customers with the information that they need onsite.

• Social media. Everybody knows that social media networks have an influence on the success of a marketing campaign. Use it to your advantage by creating relationships with your customers. Add social signal buttons and let your audience do your brand promotion for you

• Fast rendering. Does your page take a long time to load? This could result in you losing almost a half of your respondents, or at least 40% . People have a short attention span, so you have to put effort into making your ecommerce site load in less than three seconds.

• Search engine optimisation. Win over larger audiences of people with relevant information that is also useful and educational.

• Landing pages. Do you want to increase your conversion rate? Build more than one landing page with special deals on each of them.

You too can have a successful e-commerce website that generates leads. All it takes is a smart ecommerce website design solutions provider that integrates everything in terms of online marketing – aspects of SEO, social media presence and more. 

Get An E-commerce Web Design Solution That Converts

Store Express offers innovative and effective design solutions for your ecommerce website. We have the knowledge and the experience of over 15 years to offer you an ecommerce web design that actually works and generates leads. We can carry out search engine, mobile and tablet optimisation, and help with your presence on social media networks. Build your online authority and prominence while also increasing your conversion rate with our experts in ecommerce. 

If you’d like to find out more about effective e-commerce web solutions at Store Express, call our team today 0845 050 3500 or email

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