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As more and more people find online shopping the most convenient way to buy, ecommerce websites are always evolving to keep up with the increasing demand. With ecommerce sales expected to continue growing in 2013, new security measures are necessary. How can you stay secure while shopping online?

Security Measures You Should Apply While Using Ecommerce Websites

With the ecommerce world constantly expanding, it is easy to get caught up in online shopping and to forget about the necessary security measures. Shopping online is convenient; users have embraced the ease of purchasing from ecommerce websites compared to shopping in-store. However, when shopping online you should always remember the following security measures:

• Personal information. Be cautious when sharing your personal information. Only fill in the fields that are absolutely necessary. While checking out, there will always be a form you need to fill in. Avoid filling in fields that are not marked as “required”.

• Device security. If you are signed in to an ecommerce website or you are using a shopping app on your mobile phone, be careful about who you share your devices with. Treat your phone as you would your credit card to be secure while shopping online.

• Verify URLs. When making an online transaction, make sure that the URL begins with “https”, which is secure for making a payment online. For an example, look at

• Review the website. Investigate the website to see if it’s legitimate. Read the “About us” and “Contact” information fields. See if the ecommerce website has social media accounts, Google the company or read reviews. You can never be too cautious.

• Use credit cards. Credit cards offer better protection than debit cards. In case of fraudulent activity, charges can be seen easily on your statement.

• Keep emails and receipts. Keep all the information and receipts of your purchases until the day it arrives. You never know when it might come in handy.

• Protect your identity. Every time you sign up by clicking “connect with Facebook”, you are sharing your online identity further. Only do this if you are certain that the company is trustworthy.

You Can Be Secure While Shopping On Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce business owners are usually trustworthy and will go the extra mile to take care of their customers. However, you should still look out for hidden costs such as shipping fees, additional taxes, etc. Always be cautious and do your research before buying.

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