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In a recent study completed for the US Mobile Path to Purchase, it was found that over 46% of the survey’s respondents relied solely on the smart phones and tablets to search the internet or purchase online. In order to increase sales on your website, a mobile optimised Ecommerce Website Design should be employed.

The Power Of Mobile Ecommerce Website Design

In the Mobile Path to Purchase survey is was revealed that almost half of all adults involved, did not use a desktop PC as part of their search process or pre-purchase research. The research group included adults aged from 18-34 and which were mobile-first or mobile-only users. Whilst ecommerce and web users are aware of the power of mobile, the data collected in the survey highlighted the unexpected change in consumer behaviour, and the rapid rate at which it is changing.

The survey looked at the purchase behaviour of mobile users and highlighted the increase in mobile purchases in a variety of industry sectors. The general findings revealed:

  • 45% of those who were surveyed, used a mobile devices first (mobile-first)
  • 46% solely used mobile devices
  • 49% use a PC as their primary tool for media and resources
  • 54% of those who owned a mobile device, would use additional media tools and channels to help make a purchase
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  • 50% of all mobile users use their device at the beginning of their purchase research.
  • 33% use mobile devices through the entire research and purchase process.

The study summarised that mobile device users are generally more inclined to purchase and convert, highlighting the importance of having a mobile optimised ecommerce website design. In general 53% of tablet users and 60% of smartphone users completed purchases online through their device.

Creating A Mobile Optimised Ecommerce Website Design

As the study reveals, having a mobile optimised ecommerce website is imperative to improving sales. Simply shrinking down your existing website design to fit a mobile display is no longer expectable, and will not give the user full functionality on your site. In the world of touch screen, links and buttons need to be large enough for the user to click on them with their finger, and so the ecommerce website design must cater to this.

With mobile website design, your brand identity and existing website is not lost, it is just simplified for a mobile user. For a completely optimised ecommerce website design, your site should be developed to account for the differences between Android and iPhone, and between iPads and Tablets. With a mobile design, everything including your text and images will be optimised for fast page loading on any mobile device.

If you are looking to increase your sales and optimise you site for mobile devices, Store Express can help. Specialists in ecommerce website design; we can transform your site for mobile users to increase conversion and direct sales. Through making your site more intuitive for the smart phones and tablets, it will be quick and easy for them to navigate with their fingers. For more information about mobile optimised ecommerce website design, call Store Express on 0845 050 3500 or email

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