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Good design is about information and how well you communicate it to your customers. This is especially important in ecommerce web design, where you need to keep your visitor’s attention, not to mention their patience, in order to make sales and keep your ecommerce solution afloat.


When navigating an ecommerce webpage, where the visitor looks shouldn’t be an accident. It should be planned and controlled by the designer during the design process. There should be a reason for every visual aspect of every element on the page from where the search box sits to the design of the logo. A sequence of precedence is subconsciously observed by the user of an ecommerce website and the designer should pre-empt this.


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Directing a visitor’s gaze is not as difficult as it might sound, and there are some simple yet effective techniques that are commonly used by ecommerce website designers:

Page Position –

The layout of a page will effect in what order it is viewed. Obviously something at the top of the page will be seen before something at the bottom, but it runs a little deeper than that...


Research on website usage shows that users scan webpages in F-shaped patterns (called an F-map), from the top left across to the right, then back and left to right again, then all the way down the left hand side. This is a very useful tool in dictating hierarchy of your content, and making the most of all elements on a page including categories and call to actions.


Along with techniques like F-maps, user expectations must be adhered to in order to design a successful ecommerce website. For example, the user will always expect the logo to appear at the top left and for it to link to the home page. At the same time the search bar is expected to be in the middle or, to the right of the header.

Colour –

Use of colour is very important on any website, but especially in e-commerce, as it is used not only to make it look good but also to subconsciously direct users to where you want them to go, whether that might be to make a sale or encourage them to fill in a contact us form.


There are huge resources online of research on colour theory. Where it is most relevant to ecommerce is in relevancy to your business and possibly more importantly, calls to action such us “enquire now” or “Contact us”. Red and orange tend to be the most effective colours for a call to action (though only if they contrast sufficiently with the rest of the page of course) as they tend to stand out.

Size and more –

A call to action, an offer or search bar needs to stand out, so make it big. Along with your well-placed colours you shouldn’t fail to convert. And things like big arrows and buttons will help too, as long as they’re subtle and not tacky!


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