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The internet is a more interactive place than ever with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all acting as platforms for your audience to express themselves and interact with one another and other websites. Shouldn’t your website design be making the most of, and encouraging, your audience’s social interactions and their engagement with your website?

Get Connected With Social Media!

Social media is a fantastic thing for both your viewers and your website! Whilst enabling normal people to interact with the world on a much wider scale, and provide a leveller playing field for interactions with businesses, it also provides hundreds of opportunities to enhance your business’ brand personality and draw in a much greater audience for your content.

Social media is an avenue for a much more relaxed attitude between your business and your customers, and making the most of it is now a necessity if you would like your website’s design to enable your company to maintain a successful online presence.

How To Integrate Social Media On To Your Website!

1.Include Plainly Visible, Though Unobtrusive, Social Media Buttons – Whilst this may seem like an obvious starting point, you’d be surprised how difficult some websites make it for a visitor to actually find their social media.
Best practices state that your social media buttons should be grouped together along the top, the bottom or the side of your homepage. Ensuring that your social media opens in a new page or tab can encourage your viewer to continue to browse your actual site, even as they skim over your Facebook or Twitter profiles.
Though it might seem tempting, there’s no need to display old social media outlets in your website design. If you never update your Facebook page, then link to Twitter instead, where your business might be more actively posting links and content.

2.Integrate Social Only Where It Makes Sense – Only integrate your social media when and where it makes sense. Use it to keep your customers or clients aware of your website’s goings on, and it might even be worth showcasing your social media feeds on your actual website. Displaying inactive social media can cripple your website and make your viewer think that it is ill-managed or unprofessional. Overdoing your social media will have a similar affect, making your customer more likely to be annoyed with your constant interjections into their news feed with information they might not care about.

3.Include The Right Buttons – Make the most of new forms of social media as they become popular, you don’t want to be stuck behind on an outlet like Facebook if every other user has moved on to something new.
Including buttons which give your viewers the opportunity to share a page to their own wall, or someone else’s, with as little effort as possible encourages a much greater social media presence. Make it as easy as possible for your customer to interact, and you are greatly improving your chances that they will.

4.Stay In The Know – Using the right language around your social media is important, and using words like ‘Tweet’ or ‘Share’ can make your website appear younger and more knowledgeable about the websites you are utilising to promote your business.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Website Design!

At Store Express, we are lucky enough to boast one of the most experienced and specialised Website Design teams in the country, and we are proud to say that we have provided intuitive business-centric website designs and solutions which are fully integrated with various social media outlets and make the most of those connections to define the brand’s identity and further personalise the advertising campaigns of certain business for a wide range of sectors.

For more information on how our incredible Website Design services can help your business to succeed, contact us today on 0845 050 3500, visit us or email our friendly support staff at

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