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Shoppers make their decision whether to shop or not within seconds of visiting your store. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you definitely ought to create a strong impression the very second your visitor visits your website. Store Express loves design and combines this with its technical expertise to craft ecommerce websites that create a pleasant and convenient experience for both the retailer and the customer. Our websites can be found with both standard features as well as marketplace edition features.

Standard edition features:

• Professional designs with attractive logos embedded in each webpage.

• Web content management system that involves WYSIWYG to provide easy navigation for non-technical visitors.

• 24/7 access to your store.

• Your ecommerce website will be compatible with most browsers.

• You can add, delete, edit contents and images (up to 50 Gb) and display up to five product images.

• Three tier catalogue structure.

• Breadcrumb navigation.

• Banner module.

• Promotional codes, vouchers, my account functionality, about us page, contact us page, social bookmarking facilities, social media links and an easily manageable shopping cart would be embedded in your ecommerce website.

• Stock updates.

• Automated order confirmation and that can be received in HTML format.

• SEO friendly page titles, meta tags, URL’s.

• PayPal Express as the payment mode.

Ecommerce website that comply with PCI DSS Level 1, W3C Coding, WAI Accessibility Level A Standards ensuring security and data protection.

Marketplace edition:

This allows your ecommerce website to be integrated with Amazon and eBay and sell on these platforms, which increases customer confidence, boost sales and increases revenue. The market place edition feature allows you to manage all transactions via a single interface or API. Products listing, stock level updates, orders and dispatching can be controlled from within the CMS itself. Profiles, once created, are automatically synchronised across other platforms.

For an ecommerce website that will reflect professionalism contact us at Store Express, Building 4 Millars Brook, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2AD Telephone: 0845 050 2500 Fax: 0845 838 2701

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Where to find us

Store Express

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