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As an ever-growing number of people begin to take advantage of the vast repository of information and the marketplace which is the internet, professional website design has never been more important for online businesses. If your eCommerce presence isn't the equal of your physical store, you will be losing credibility, traffic and revenue.

Many businesses, particularly those new to the world of online retailing, often overlook the importance of making a website look trustworthy and a pleasure to use for the customer and, as such, are turning potential buyers away or even driving them into the arms of their competitors.

The Importance Of An Attractive, User-friendly Ecommerce Website

The more cluttered, disorganised and 'pushy' a website design, the more likely the user will not make the convert into a customer. However, if a website looks empty, without proper navigational features, then your business isn't creating the sense of credibility that you should be nurturing.

Letting the customer know exactly what your business does may seem like simple enough advice, but you'd be surprised how many websites offer little to no clues on their homepage. If a user isn't certain what the business actually does they are less likely to investigate the site further.

Making navigation around the site as simple and easy as possible is a must, with products sorted into their main categories-and then sub-categories to make your customer's filtering easier. A well-placed search bar within the website design is one of the easiest ways to make your customer's experience with your business simpler and easier. The chances are your user knows what they are looking for, so why force them to trawl through lists of your products to find a specific one?

Within your design, you need to assure your users that your site and, by extension, your business, are both credible and trustworthy. Whilst the addition of security checks and even varying types of payment options can influence them, the website design itself is the most efficient way of ensuring your customers trust you. The modern eCommerce buyer knows when a site has been built into a template rather than individually designed, and that will be hurting your credibility.

Your site needs to be able to, not only create authority for your business, but it also needs to back up that authority by being intuitive, attractive and user-friendly, which is a difficult combination to manage, so often having to compromise on one aspect of the website design in favour of another.

Professional Website Design From Store Express

At Store Express, we pride ourselves in supplying specialist, intuitive website design services and solutions to an ever-growing range of businesses from a wide variety of sectors. Our professional, experienced web design team utilise the latest advances in eCommerce technology along with a keen eye for contemporary and stylish design, to create some of the best sites in the world.

For more information, visit us, call us at 0845 050 3500 or email us at, and let us start work on your unique website design, crafted specifically to enable you to make the most out of your business.

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