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Creating an ecommerce website involves much more than just picking your favourite visual design. Behind each aspect of your ecommerce website is an opportunity to get your visitors to convert and complete a sale/contact form.

Ecommerce Website Design Advice For Increased Conversions

  • Shopping Basket
    Let your shopping basket be made clearly visible so customers have the reassurance that their item has actually been included. Throughout their entire browsing experience, the shopping basket should be visible at all times, showing the number of items there are and other relevant information like price totals. A quick link to checkout is also a valuable feature of the basket.
  • “Add To” Buttons
    Direct calls to action encourage a better reaction from customers. “Add to Basket” or “Buy Now” are impulsive actions that encourage shoppers to engage in a sale. They should stand out boldly in order to attract attention. Larger sized buttons work best and it’s best to stay away from colours such as red or orange which can hint at a negative action, such as cancelling an order.
  • Customised Shopping Experience
    Different people have different preferences when it comes to shopping. Therefore it is recommended that you create an ecommerce website design that can be customised in order to enhance their shopping experience. Include tools such as filters that narrow product search results by price, brand, colour or size for example.
  • Product Descriptions
    This page is your main selling space where you need to provide the customer with all the information they need in order to feel confident about making a purchase. Since online shopping excludes the tangible benefits of shopping, some of the following elements are crucial for providing customers with the important information they need.
  • Product images from multiple angles, product summary and description, product options (e.g. colour, size), reviews, price, directions of use, ingredients etc. Also remember to feature that all important “Buy Now”/”Add To Basket” button.

    Professional Ecommerce Website Design That Helps Boost Sales

    So whether you are developing an ecommerce website design on your own or enlisting the support of a professional design team like Store Express, be sure that the finished product is completely optimised for online business success.

    Online shoppers are smart and it only takes one click to abandon one website for a better alternative.

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