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The importance of colour

The importance of understanding colour in relation to your ecommerce website has been widely documented. When choosing and constructing your colour palette there are a number of things to consider including who your target market is and where on the page you would like them to look and click.

Which gender are you targeting?

Another consideration is if your target market is specifically one gender more than the other. For example, an ecommerce solution for a fashion store will often focus on a single gender, so the choice of colour must be relevant to the chosen demographic.

There have been studies determining the difference in colour preference between men and women, and these results should be considered when undertaking an ecommerce website design bright and soft colours. This experiment showed that men like bright colours, while women are more drawn to softer colours

Achromatic colours

Achromatic colours are those that have no hue. I.e., black, white and shades of grey. Studies show that men are more tolerant of these so if you plan to direct female traffic to your ecommerce website you might want to steer clear of any large blocks of achromatic colour.

Tints and shades

A tint is any colour with white added, while a shade is any colour with black added. A colour scheme using tints is soft, youthful and soothing, while one with shades might be deep, powerful and mysterious. It's been observed that women like tints, while men will go for shades.

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