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This is part 2 of the Building Blocks of ecommerce blog. For those of you who haven’t read part one I strongly suggest you do to get the full value of the information provided. For those who have, read on as the next few points are crucial to your ecommerce websites online success.


Product comparison ecommerce

When customers go to buy a product they want to know what they are paying for lives up to their expectations. A lot of these products they can’t buy from their local store so they rely on images, reviews and videos of the products before they make the decision. Some customers will often be interested in more than one type or brand of that product and depend on comparing their pros and cons to help them to pick the one they want. If you don’t provide this comparing feature on your ecommerce solution, often this will result in customers navigating to sites were they can.


ecommerce website navigation & Structure

A well designed website that makes sense to the customer using it it’s a must. If a customer can’t use the website they won’t be able to make purchases. Keep things simple, look what other people are doing. Although the web is full of different designs there are a few rules in place to ensure that no matter what website you’re on you already know how to use it. Remember people don’t like to think about what they are doing, they want it to be instinctive and easy to use.


Trust for your ecommerce website

Getting a customer to trust you is no easy task, especially when it comes to trusting you with their bank account details. Luckily there are many ways you can coax them into trusting you a little more. This can be done with a few tricks such as customer testimonials and feedback, easy to find contact details and the use of reassurance banners placed around the check out pages. These banners will gently remind them that everything’s ok, you are there to help and if anything should go wrong, you’ve got them covered. A bonus is any security badges or awards you have received for the security of your ecommerce websites.


Ecommerce website Images

A picture says a thousand words and this goes double for anything your selling on your website. Good photography can make or break a sale as often the customer has never seen or interacted with that product or service before. If it’s a product you’re selling, try to show as many pictures as possible from many different angles. Alternatively utilise a 3D image of the product so the customer can see it from all sides. If the product comes in variations of colour or size make sure to show those too and in the most representative way possible. Don’t show a picture of something that looks red when in fact its orange because this will only end up with returns, complaints and bad feedback.


Information priority and distractions on your ecommerce website.

Think about the priority of the information displayed on each of the webpage’s. What do you want the customer reading first? Remember, try not to hide anything like the price or delivery charges as this will make the customer loose trust in you for hiding it. It’s also worth noting that when the customer is progressing through the checkout process keep distractions down to a minimum, you don’t want them to navigate away from a sale.


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