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Often it’s wondered; What exactly makes up the initial building blocks of any ecommerce solution? With this vast topic many questions can arise such as ‘how is an online store created?’ and ‘What do customers look for?’ Below is part one of a list of fundamental building blocks that all new or existing online ecommerce websites should utilise.


Clear contact on your ecommerce site

Firstly and importantly contact details, its been shown that a lot of customers who are unsure will check to see how easily it is to contact your store and often will send an email or phone you to ask questions before they hand over their bank details. Be sure to make your contact details accessible otherwise if they are hidden it can give the wrong impression. Simple things like a “contact us” button in your navigation bar is all you need.


ecommerce interaction

If your website is hard to use or has too many clicks to find a product or purchase it can be a big turn off for many customers increasing bounce rates. At the end of the day if you find something hard or un-enjoyable you don’t want to do it anymore. This is exactly the same for websites, so think carefully about the structure of your site, how a customer would think and navigate and the golden rule, just because you find it easy doesn’t mean everyone will. Test your site with either friends or family or perform a CRO report to see the conversation rate of your store.


Transparent ecommerce

No one likes surprises and this goes for your customers too. Keep things simple, obvious and truthful. No hidden fees or surprise changes to layout and design. If people get scared or unsure especially during the checkout process this will end up with abandonment of sales. Simple things like listing how many steps left of the checkout process and how much delivery will be, all make a huge difference, if your honest and show this through your site people will trust you and therefore buy from you.


ecommerce search

People don’t have time to look through menus to find the product they are after. Some customers just want to search your ecommerce website for exactly what they want and buy it. So why not let them? If you provide a comprehensive, easy to use search bar to your site this can drastically decrease the time it takes a customer to find what they are looking!


End of Part 1-Building blocks for e-commerce…

This concludes part one of Building Blocks of ecommerce blog. Read part two for the final points needed to create that perfect ecommerce store.


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