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Ecommerce sites are becoming an automatic addition to retail stores or a way to start up a business. To keep up with online competitors you not only need an ecommerce site to sell products, the site needs to offer a quality experience and increased brand exposure. The only way to know if your online market strategy is up to scratch is taking an ecommerce review so you can learn what you’re doing right and wrong.


Why Take An Ecommerce Review?


For a business to be successful there needs to be sufficient planning. This is especially true for your online strategy because there are so many platforms to consider. You need to ensure each one matches the image and goals of your business. Without an effective online strategy, the business will lose money, customers, and never reach its potential. Confusing layouts, security problems and poor resource management can all be avoided if a thorough ecommerce review is taken.  


What Should My Ecommerce Review Focus On?


There are some key areas a business should focus on when reviewing their online market strategy. Once these issues are dealt with your business will soon see the benefits of taking an ecommerce review and of a good web strategy. Here are some specifics to look at in a review.

User experience – The first thing to look into is how the site looks and feels. Consider how a customer will view your entire online presence, from the website and mobile site, to the social media pages. There needs to be consistency through every page and on every platform to make the customer experience more fluid. Websites should also include dynamic pages to contain custom content specific for the user when they return.

Mobile platforms – Good mobile functionality is important because shopping on mobile devices is on the rise. If there are problems with slow loading pages or a customer finds it difficult to search for an item then users will leave the site and go elsewhere. The pages need to shrink from web to mobile while remaining aesthetically pleasing. This will include simpler social and cart buttons so the page isn’t cluttered.


The mobile strategy needs to be thought about, too. The two main options are creating a mobile optimised site or using responsive design. At Store Express, we offer a mobile optimisation service to businesses which can increase conversion rates.


Traffic – If a business is unable to continue operating during a spike in traffic or a fault, then it will lead to a loss of customers and reputation damage. Any ecommerce review should include stress testing to understand any limitations your system has.

Security – A secure site is good for customers and therefore good for business. Shopping online means entering vital information but this can be accessed or shared without authentication. If the business isn’t trustworthy then customers will be lost and it’s difficult to build up any reputation.

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Here at Store Express, we have over a decade’s worth of experience designing and creating on ecommerce solutions which can improve the conversion rate of your business.

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