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When designing a website you should constantly be thinking of how to attract viewers to it. Design and technicalities are usually at the forefront of the mind when building a website and content can get completely disregarded a lot of the time.

Benefits To A Content First Approach

Here at Store Express we firmly believe that content shouldn’t be pushed into the background; this is how consumers get vital information on the services and products you offer from your Ecommerce websites. Without any knowledge of what you are like as a business or what your products are like consumers will not buy and you will not make any money. We can provide you with the expertise and services to make you an online success.

Content first isn’t just a case of sitting down to make the website once your client has produced all the content it just means prioritise the site’s content before other factors in the process. Use real content to fill the layout of the website even if it is just a rough draft. This will give a great guideline to the flow and design of your Ecommerce website here at Store Express we can help you to make far better decisions regarding your website and maximise it reach your business goals. Here is how a content first approach works brilliantly for Ecommerce websites:

  • Content is make or break – If the content is of poor quality it is of little relevance how good the quality of the design is the website will not have any chance of being a success online. A content-first approach obviously gives far more focus to content therefore giving you the opportunity to develop high quality pieces like blogs and articles and have a far better chance of your ecommerce website being a success.
  • It helps to build and enforce your reputation – Developing high value and quality content you can influence, build credibility for your business and share the in depth knowledge you possess. The more respected and known you are the more recommendations consumers are going to receive to use your services on your Ecommerce websites and therefore your conversions and profits will increase.
  • Content first equals efficiency – As you have prioritised content first the website will be finished on time and you therefore know what assets the clients want on the websites and judging their value will be far easier. Less time is spent on the design process as you will have discussed what major factors while developing the content making it simpler to conform to the goals of the project.
  • Visibility online – Developing unique and fresh content makes it far easier for you to be found online. Sharing content is becoming more and more important to business today and if your content is engaging, insightful and of high quality then people are going to recommend it and enable you to have far more traffic on your Ecommerce websites.

Ecommerce Websites From Store Express

We should definitely rethink how we deliver our work and how we tailor our Ecommerce websites development and Content first is the best solution for high quality websites that people will find useful and retain an interest in.

So to develop your Ecommerce websites to be of the highest quality to optimize your business opportunities we have the perfect solutions for you at Store Express. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling: 0845 050 3500 or email us at

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