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Many established merchants offer alternative payment methods to credit and debit cards. There are multiple gateways which can be integrated into an ecommerce solution, all of which can help to improve trust between the merchant and customer.

What Are The Best Payment Gateways For Your Ecommerce Solution?


If you have an existing ecommerce solution, there are several options available to you. At Store Express we have developed our own custom platform which enables you to integrate your ecommerce solution with payment gateways such as PayPal and Skrill. Through implementing an integrated gateway, customers will be more inclined to purchase as they will not have to enter their credit card details directly into your site.

The most popular payment gateway solutions are:

• PayPal Express

• Skrill

• SagePay

• KashFlow

• Amazon Checkout

• Google Wallet

Out of these, PayPal Express is likely to be the most popular. As a recognised brand, consumers will likely feel more comfortable purchasing through your website with this solution. With this solution, customers effectively bypass your site, and make secure payments directly through PayPal. When the payment gateway is integrated, a PayPal button is added to your checkout screen, and once set up; payments that are made will be transferred to your account almost immediately.

Not only does PayPal Express offer secure payment, but it provides ecommerce merchants with reporting and fraud protection. Keeping track of every penny, PayPal creates downloadable reports enabling the merchant to view their account activity. Within these reports, merchants will be able to see monthly sales figures and transaction details. Ensuring the security of your customer’s payment details, PayPal Express is compliant with PCI DSS (payment card industry, data security standards).

Create A Secure Ecommerce Solution With Store Express


If you are looking to create a secure ecommerce solution where consumers can feel confident to purchase, talk to our team at Store Express. With over 15 years of experience in ecommerce design, we have developed our own best practice solution. Whether you have an existing site, or are looking to create a new one, Store Express can provide you with a complete ecommerce solution.

Our sites can work as standalone ecommerce solutions or can be integrated with marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Not only can we integrate your solution with multiple marketplaces, we are also able to integrate it with secure payment gateways such as PayPal Express and SagePay. If you want to stick with our shopping basket solution, we can guarantee peace of mind as our solutions are PCI DSS Level 1Compliant.

To find out more, go online to our website or talk to one of our sales advisors on 0845 050 3500 or email

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