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With a new year comes new goals and aspirations for yourself and for business. The ecommerce industry is developing at a rapid pace so there is no telling how much is capable of happening this year. However, many industry experts have made their predictions for the industry and now it is up to ecommerce website owners to determine what changes they may need to prepare for.

2013 Predictions Your Ecommerce Website Should Possibly Prepare For

  • Free listings on Google Product Search will be coming to an end in the UK. So for any ecommerce websites that used Google Shopping, a decision needs to be made on whether they can afford to continue working through this retail channel. Google will be favouring high quality ads that feature images and descriptive ads in order to create a more engaging, higher quality and accurate search experience for users and consequently better traffic for merchants. Greater diversification of online retail channels used may offset the negative impacts this may have on some businesses.
  • Creating more personalised experiences for shoppers on ecommerce websites will also be encouraged in 2013. Brands will look to engage more with customers in order to facilitate trust and stimulate greater loyalty. Furthermore, more attention will be paid to customisable features such as delivery options and reality tools to test products, such as the fit of clothes.
  • There may be increasing convergence between on and offline shopping. As the high street continues to struggle and physical stores begin to make waves on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, more efforts are expected to be made to fully embrace multi-channel retail opportunities, whilst still trying to revive the classic pastime of pounding the pavements in search of bargains and top buys.
  • Mcommerce is still a growing force in the ecommerce industry, so in 2013 it is practically essential for all ecommerce website owners to develop some form of mobile device optimisation, in order to remain competitive.
  • With faster broadband speeds expected to be developed across the world, the use of rich media content could be set to increase. Previously many ecommerce websites would refrain from including videos and other rich content for fear of slowing down their site.

Ecommerce Website Solutions For 2013

Partnering with an experienced ecommerce website solutions provider that has been operating in the industry throughout all of its stages of development, can ensure you are at the best position to prepare for whatever 2013 may have in store.

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