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With lots of web related terms being shouted about and design trends coming and going it often can get a little confusing to work out what’s in and what’s out in the world of ecommerce store design. At the core of all modern websites designs lies web 2.0, it is a style that for a long time has not been bettered or replaced. It of course has been added to over the years but under every new design web 2.0 is there.


What is web 2.0?

Sadly you cant sum it up in one sentence as many different aspect go into making web 2.0. with regards to ecommerce store design the following list does apply:


  • Perfect Grid system for pages.
  • Effective colour theory.
  • Strong hierarchy of information.
  • Close attention to detail.
  • Complimentary fonts and type faces.
  • Good use of white space and breathing room.


Of course it isn’t just those simple points that get you an amazing ecommerce solutions, its what you do with them. These points laid out are merely building block or guides if you will to keep you ecommerce store’s design on track for web 2.0. With these rules at the heart of any website you can be sure that its design will be well received into the online community. With that all said and the rules laid out you are allowed to have fun and embellish them in whichever way you see fit! Design rules are meant to be broken after all and if no one did every website would look the same.


StoreExpress to the rescue!

Here at Store Express we pride ourselves on being innovators of the web. We respect the rules of web 2.0 and utilised what they offer correctly and with precision. Our ecommerce store designs are all built to the highest quality and detail. Of course we like to have fun and being innovators means we do embellish these rules with tasty new trends and features of the web today.


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