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With the boom of youtube and the ease of embedding videos into websites video is now everywhere, from simple tutorials to whole articles being turned into videos what’s the use in the world of ecommerce?


Pros and Cons

Obviously with the use of video there are some issues that can arise. However there are also lots of benefits to it too. Below is a list of pros and cons about the use of videos on ecommerce stores.



  • Visual aids – One of the biggest advantages to using videos to show case products for your ecommerce store is that the customer can see the product from many different angles and see it almost in real life. Having someone interact with the product showing how its use etc really lets the customer get a feel of how large and useful that product will be.
  • Lazy customers – Those customers who go on to your ecommerce store that are more happy being spoon fed can watch the simple video and gather the information they need rather than reading lots of text.



  • Inappropriate use of video – Don’t go video mad often the biggest downfall of video on ecommerce stores is turning everything into video. Make sure for those customers who do not wish to wait for a video to load there are images and text explaining the same thing that is shown on the video. They can then judge if they want to watch the video or not.
  • Bad quality – If the video you are going to use has a terrible picture or awful audio quality often this can have a negative effect. Customers can judge the quality of the video in an instant and this can often set the tone for your website.

With these few tips you can easily equip your ecommerce website with the latest video blogs, product videos and much more. Just remember to use good quality video that playable via a widely used media player. No one wants to have to download the video.

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