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Rise in delivery costs:

Research conducted shows that most online retailers have begun charging their customers high delivery prices. It was also discovered that many who used safe shopping online services had to pay additional charges on top of the delivery charges. This defies the purpose of people making online purchases because usually online stores offer generally lower prices when compared to a physical store.

This will result in majority of online shoppers turning their backs on online shopping. Already statistics show that about 73% of online shoppers have abandoned online shopping due to the rise in delivery expense. Now if you’re looking out for a way to keep your delivery costs balanced and reasonable and at the same time not lose out on customers, then turn to Store Express.

We are leaders when it comes to providing you ecommerce solutions that are scalable, flexible and reliable and can effectively help you manage all your business costs. All our ecommerce modules have been tried, tested and proven to deliver good results. We also have a proven track record of providing successful solutions to many top notch companies.

Ecommerce techniques from Store Express can help you offer best services:

Being extremely versatile, our ecommerce solutions can be tailored to meet the requirements of your business. Only after much research and experimentation about your business and its goals will we craft out ecommerce modules for your business, so you can rest assured that it will drive more traffic, increase conversions, boost sales and revenue. Our marketplace edition is one feature of our ecommerce solutions that will not only enable you to trade from your website, but also on other platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Selling on these giants, the benefits you’ll reap are numerous. Firstly, wide exposure, secondly, since these platforms already earned a good reputation so you will be able to earn customer confidence easily. Thirdly, since these marketplaces already have a huge customer base, there’s no need for you to go in search of customers. Finally, selling on multiple platforms is the best way you can maximise your sales. Our ecommerce solutions also make it easy for you to manage transactions done on various platforms where you can control all your business process done on various retail channel through a single API interface.

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