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To be successful, online businesses need to stay on top of the current trends in ecommerce solutions in order to evolve their online strategy to offer customers the best and possibly unique experience. Knowing current trends is particularly useful when reviewing ecommerce strategies.

What Are The Current Ecommerce Trends?

The biggest talking points in ecommerce solutions revolve around enhancing user experiences and the best way to adapt businesses across multiple platforms and how they link in with retail outlets. Here are some trends to consider.

Omnichannel – Replacing the older term ‘multichannel', omnichannel is a better way of describing the integration between platforms and the customer experience. This includes online presence and how the site looks across the desktop, mobile site and social media channels. It also includes the relationship between online and retail. This could mean returning an item you bought online to the shop instead of in the post, but the key is making shopping online and in store a less fragmented experience with a better ecommerce solution.

In-store – The future of retail stores is in question because of the increase in demand online. However, shoppers are beginning to move between platform and channels during their experience as the process becomes more fluid.

Mobile – More and more customers are using online devices to make purchases but without an effective ecommerce solution conversion rates won't improve. Mobile sites which cannot be accessed with the ease of a webpage will deter customers from buying from and returning to a site. Deciding on an effective mobile strategy, between mobile optimisation and responsive design, is a starting point. At Store Express, we can help with both responsive design, for consistency across all platforms, and mobile optimisation.

Custom – More retailers online are using dynamic pages to offer a personalised experience to customers based on what they have bought and searched. Retail stores are also looking to offer a personalised experience in-store.

Analytics – Because of the omnichannel nature of the retail experience, analysing trends on your own site and in-store is becoming more of a challenge. This means there is a great need for an efficient way to analyse the various contributions to customer conversion across all channels.

Staying on top of these trends is important so a business can stay ahead of the competition and continue to evolve to avoid a negative change in conversion rates. Customers now expect a convenient online shopping experience but also turn to physical stores to deal with any issues in person.

Get The Best Ecommerce Solutions With Store Express

Here at Store Express, we have over 10 years of experience working on ecommerce solutions which can improve the conversion rate of your business. We can create perfect ecommerce solutions so your site is just accessible on smart phones and tablets as desktops. Make sure your social media channels are taken care of with our quality designs so your business image is the same on every platform.

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