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The main purpose of creating and maintaining ecommerce websites is to sell to a wider market of customers. Therefore it is essential that customers have a positive experience whilst shopping on your site. A great user experience is what will keep people coming back to your website and ignoring your competitors. Even if you were to provide a world leading product at a great price, if the process of navigating and buying through your website is too difficult or awkward; the lure of the product will not be strong enough to prevent visitors from abandoning their order and looking elsewhere.

Top Tips For Customer Friendly E-commerce Websites

Your ecommerce websites design is a reflection of your company and your attitude towards customers. For sites that feature an array of customisable features and sincere, personalised content; they have a better chance at creating a valuable relationship with the customer and having their brand resonate in their hearts and minds. A list of 5 common tips were put together which come highly recommended by industry experts, for ecommerce websites that want to be more customer friendly.

  • Have fast loading pages. If a page takes too long to load the customer can get impatient and leave the site. Excessive rich media content is usually the culprit for slow loading speeds so while it is good to be innovative, eye catching and creative with design, it shouldnt compromise the functioning of your pages.
  • Have well designed pages with easy navigation, so customers can find what they are looking for without confusion. Using common features of e commerce websites, like About Us pages and search boxes, will create a sense of familiarity with your website.
  • The homepage should always be no more than 2 clicks away from each page and site maps are a great inclusion.
  • Have clear call to action buttons. A strategically placed and bold call to action button can help guide customers on what action to take next. Such as adding to their shopping basket, signing up to a newsletter etc.
  • Have a shopping basket and checkout process that is quick and fully functional. Problems in this area can cause customers to abandon their purchases and lose trust in the company. In order to offset the chance of people leaving their shopping, ensure you have a place for them to leave contact information and save their shopping for a later time.
  • Regularly test all aspects of your ecommerce website in order to ensure it is continuously functioning well. Various customers will use various ways of accessing your site such as through different browsers, devices and internet speeds. Therefore you need to ensure your site is capable of running smoothly through multiple scenarios.

There are many other ways in which your website can provide optimum customer satisfaction. Continue to research recommendations on how to achieve this, as happy customers turn into loyal customers and give you a consistently good performing online business.

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