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Warm of the press and glazed in honey with a caramel centre comes news that the chocolate maker and retailer Thorntons is set to launch their new transactional ecommerce store. This new website will focus on a multichannel future which could become their main sales channel.


Why the shift to ecommerce?

Thorntons said it was committed to a rebalancing strategy in its business plan. This shift would include sadly closing some high street stores, revitalising and invigorating the brand as we know it and restoring profitability through this new ecommerce website. They also predict that most of its sales will be through third party retailers via B2B ecommerce to places like super markets and smaller retail stores.


Ecommerce rules, high street drools?

As more and more high street companies close-up shop and move to the world of ecommerce where , is this the end of the high street as we know it? Well not exactly, there are still many advantages to high street retail but these are starting to shrink rapidly. Whilst the benefits of e-commerce just keep growing, below is a list of some of these ecommerce advantages

  • Everything can be cheaper, as you don’t have to pay for overheads such as rent for shops this money can be better used for storage costs of your products meaning you’ll have more room and more in-stock items. This money saved can also be “given” back to customer as you can sell your products slightly cheaper to undersell the competition of the high street.
  • You can sell to a much larger audience, not just those who live near your shop. You can aim your store at the world and get sales from all over to become a truly global ecommerce store.
  • Your open 24/7 no closing time means no loss of sales. People can buy things from you at any time on any day!
  • marketing of your store can be achieved with the collection of customer details. By gathering email addresses you can send out monthly deals and try and hook in more customers.

So does ecommerce win?

Well at the end of the day that’s for you to decide. Sure there are many advantages to ecommerce but there are still things that the high street can do that online can only dream of. Physically seeing the product before you buy it is often the difference between sale or no sale. Often people prefer a store to a website simply because they know it’s not going to run away the moment they place an order, they have somewhere to go if there is a problem. To summarise ecommerce and the high street, the high street wont storm ahead and e-commerce won’t die down but combine the two together and you have an unstoppable force.


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