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Developing an ecommerce site is a daunting task for anybody, but knowing what works is the key to making the right decisions for your business. Store Express offer advanced and practical ecommerce solutions, so you can have a website which is miles ahead of your competitors and a more successful business!

What Ecommerce Solutions Should You Prioritise With Your Website?

The key to any successful website is to first and foremost have your customers in mind. You know you have the quality products and service sorted, so you need to create a site that communicates that to every visitor.

Before you launch your site, make sure your content is fine tuned to perfection. Customers want information, and if that information is riddled with errors or isn't-relevant, then they're going to assume that your business isn't up to standard either. You should also prefer SEO optimized content to ensure your search engine rankings are higher too, increasing your traffic and giving you a better chance of turning bounce rates into conversion rates.

Next up, design. To truly encourage your customers to convert and increase their loyalty, you should make your website design a top priority. If they find it hard to navigate and understand, then trying to figure it all out is going to get really irritating fast. Make sure this doesn't happen with clear and well thought out page layout and links. Consider investing in responsive web design or mobile commerce so that the appearance and functionality of your site isn't impaired when users access it from a mobile or other device. If conversion to you means sales then make sure a shopping cart tool is easily visible and works effortlessly too!

If your website takes a long time to load, customers will leave and go onto an alternative site whose loading times are speedy. There are tools available to help identify why your site isn't loading fast and ecommerce solutions to ensure that this issue is resolved. Make sure your contact information is easily reached so that customers can contact you with any issues they have! Additionally, consider an instant chat facility, so that you can guide your visitors throughout the site and give them a high quality customer service.

Last but not least, ensure you have an optimal secure server in place so that all of your data and customers' identity details are kept safe. Do all this and you'll have some very happy and loyal customers!

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