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With the volume of people using smart phones or tablet devices increasing constantly, websites that are only capable of working on desktops are becoming near-redundant and the necessity of responsive web design is becoming more and more apparent by the day. Responsive Ecommerce is far more likely to draw un consumers and persuade them to buy and is far better suited to the highly fast paced world that we live in.

Why Is Responsive Ecommerce So Important?

With over half of online transactions expected to take place on mobile devices in 2015 it is paramount that ecommerce is set up to work perfectly on this platform and responsive web design is the best way to do this. Here are a few reasons why responsive ecommerce is so important:


  • Interacting with websites on smart phones and tablets is the not the same as on a desktop. There are lots of other considerations to take into account such as Click versus touch, screen size, pixel resolution, support for Adobe’s flash technology etc. So you need your Ecommerce site to incorporate all these factors by developing responsive Ecommerce for your business if you want to be a success.
  • The boom of internet traffic coming from mobile devices is increasing at an inordinate rate. It would be incredibly foolish to ignore responsive web design as more and more people surf the web on smart phones and tablets. To make the most of the mobile market and to keep costs in website production and maintenance down a one size fits all approach will become very common.
  • The user experience is becoming integral in the Ecommerce market. Responsive Ecommerce allows the consumer to access content on websites through whatever device they wish to choose at anytime. Using responsive ecommerce you are providing the user with the optimal experience and letting them access ecommerce whenever they want and however they want, therefore making them far likely to make a purchase.
  • Time and money is vitally important as well. At the end of the day you are running a business and the whole aim is to make as much money as possible whilst providing a quality service to keep customers coming back. Making a responsive website isn’t that expensive it just costs slightly more than constructing a conventional website, but straight away you are eliminating the costs of duplicating the website for smart phones and other mobile devices. So development costs will be down overall and you also take away ownership costs as you don’t have to maintain a responsive website as you would for a conventional one. So the best decision is definitely Responsive Ecommerce to maximise profits and results.


Benefit Your Business With Ecommerce

Here at Store Express we can help you to improve your business by helping you to get the perfect responsive Ecommerce web design. We have a team of experts suited to finding the right solution for you. Here are some of the wonderful benefits using our responsive ecommerce software provides you with:


  • Responsive web design is super flexible
  • It provides your website with a fantastic user experience
  • It is extremely cost effective
  • Provides you greater SEO making your company far more visible and therefore will increase traffic to your website and increase profits with more sales.
  • Your sales on mobile devices will increase, leading to quicker sales and with more than half of ecommerce sale staking place on mobile devices this year larger profits in the long run.


High Converting Responsive Ecommerce From Store Express

So to optimise your website to give you the best possible chance of great success in this contemporary mobile dominated age use Store Express and our expert designers to convert your businesses to Responsive Ecommerce and maximize your company’s results.

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