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Here at Store Express we are passionate about the development of websites and we think that responsive web design in particular is amazing. Today we're going to talk about why retailers are embracing responsive ecommerce and what the future holds for this super handy design philosophy.

What Is The Difference Between Mobile And Responsive Design?

Creating a mobile friendly website is fine. Users like an easy to navigate and functional mobile website, and, according to a Morgan Stanley report, mobile internet usage is expected to match desktop usage by 2014. However, users aren't just using mobiles to access your website anymore; they're using tablets, kindles, cameras and other portable devices.

Responsive Web Design is a design technique created by developers which literally responds to all devices, changing the layout for an easier, more streamlined and effective user experience, no matter what device they're using. Responsive ecommerce is set to be the essential way of ensuring multi-channel success.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Ecommerce?

The two biggest benefits of RWD is firstly, there's no need to waste time and money creating multiple sub-domains of your original website for every device; you just need to create one super-coded responsive domain. The second benefit is that once you've done this, you never have to do this again; your website will be accessible on absolutely any device that comes onto the market.

So when future generations try to access your website on their flying multipurpose web-browser skateboards, you won't have to worry that your website is dated and incompatible!

On a serious note though, new devices are constantly hitting the market, so brands really do need to have an optimised user experience to stay competitive and not lose sales. It is no longer simply a nice feature to make your website beautiful; rather it becomes increasingly essential as the customer becomes ever more expectant.

A RWD is a premium feature, making your company appear progressive and professional to users – 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience increasing your chances of better growth and success.

As users increasingly take to their mobiles to connect on social media, they're also clicking links on their wall to additional websites, including yours, so don't frustrate your audience with a difficult to read-and-navigate m-commerce site. Customers want the freedom and convenience to browse and shop on any device simply and swiftly. So increase your m-commerce traffic and sales and invest in this highly advanced web design technique today.

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