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It is a given fact that ecommerce websites is a necessity for contemporary businesses. Any company which does not take advantage of ecommerce's varied benefits is willingly denying themselves an important tool for customer engagement and satisfaction, marketing and retail opportunities.

The Essentials Of An Ecommerce Website

  • A Well-Positioned Search Box – An easily-accessible search box makes it all the easier for your customers to find the product they are looking for. A poorly-placed one might not be noticed at all and few customers will be willing to crawl through your entire product catalogue, when they can more than likely find a similar product elsewhere.
  • Featured & Related Products – By displaying featured or related products, or those which are currently on sale, you can keep your visitors informed of top selling items and encourage them to buy other products with the phrase 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought'. This might not only make it easier for them to find other products they might already want, but can be used to introduce them to products they might not have heard of.
  • Categories/Efficient Navigation – Having clear, intuitive categories enables your user to navigate around your site much easier, allowing them to find the type of product they are looking for, even if they don't know the specific name of the product.
  • Privacy Policy/Return Policy/Terms and Conditions/Delivery Information – Having easy access to the boring stuff, which most users won't read, or will only read specific sections, can not only make the experience easier for the user, but can also give your business a greater image of credibility and openness, thereby improving your brand's stature in your customer's eyes.
  • Customer Login & Registration/Newsletter Subscriptions – Implementing such features as customer accounts and subscriptions is a good way to encourage return visits from previous buyers and can help in creating a sense of B2C interaction beyond the transaction itself.
  • Attractive, Eye -Catching Design, Including Prominent Logo – Without a stylish, contemporary design, you run the risk of putting off your customer and decreasing your sense of credibility. Consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to business, and so a website designed from a basic template is less likely to impress than bespoke ecommerce websites.
  • News & Events/Social Media – Keeping your customer up to date with the latest going on of your business can be a great way to maintain their interest and awareness of your brand, and a link to your social media can encourage them to interact with your business all the more, contributing to the sense of brand loyalty you would like to encourage.

Professionally-Designed eCommerce Websites

At Store Express, you can be assured that our ecommerce websites specialists are ready to provide you with the stable platform you and your business deserve. With web design and various ecommerce services available, whatever your business needs, we can provide. With vast experience in designing and providing solutions for a wide variety of areas, we specialise helping you make the most out of your business.

For more information, visit us, call us at 0845 050 3500 or email us at, and let us show you just how much our ecommerce Website designs and solutions can benefit your business today!

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