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Creating a successful ecommerce website will require a number of important elements including responsive design, a high converting web design and SEO optimisation. If you are looking to build your own ecommerce store or want to update your existing solution, take a look at some of the best e-stores on the market picked by ecommerce website builders here at Store Express.

What Are The Best Ecommerce Sites?

Online retailers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to attract customers to their e-stores. Continually adapting and evolving, take a look at what we think are 5 of the best ecommerce websites

  1. Currys - One of the UK’s retailing giants, Currys specialise in home electronics and household appliances. In a recent redesign of their existing ecommerce solution, Currys made the most of new responsive design technologies, creating a site which could be viewed with ease on a variety of devices. One of the best responsive ecommerce stores online to date, Currys’ site is a excellent example of how expert ecommerce website builders can design a website that is visible on all size devices, without limiting the UX or conversions.
  2. B&Q – B&Q already have a clear multi channel strategy featuring in store Wi-Fi and loyalty rewarding apps. However, their ecommerce site is one of the best – especially their category pages. Enabling consumers to tailor the page to their needs, B&Q’s website features innovative filters and easy navigation for pleasant online shopping experience.
  3. Amazon – Amazon is one of the most successful online retailers ever, and is a great example of brilliant ecommerce design. A comprehensive search bar, a wealth of drop down menus and clear calls to action highlighting stock levels and pricing, all make Amazon one of the easiest sites to shop with. Delivering a extensive array of products from manufacturers and independent retailers, Amazon provide users with a one-stop-shop online experience.
  4. Next – Utilising great photography and graphics, Next’s website is uncluttered and clear. Featuring an easy to use navigation and mega drop down, these features, along with an easily visible search bar, store locator and shopping cart, make for a simple and stylish online experience.
  5. Bellroy – Bellroy are a leather wallet company with a great ecommerce site. Interactive with a simple design aesthetic, Bellroy provide great product photography, videos and links to social media. Clearly displaying their product range at the top, use navigational arrows to move quickly around the site.

Store Express For The Best Ecommerce Sites

At Store Express, our ecommerce website builders have an extensive knowledge of what makes a fantastic retail or business website. With over 15 years of experience in designing high conversion, stylish ecommerce solutions, we have all the knowledge you need when it comes to creating your perfect website.

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