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It's officially Christmas time. Time to listen to Fairytale of New York and to wrap up warm in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a dreadfully unfashionable woollen jumper! At Store Express, as well as customising many of our eCommerce Solutions to suit the holiday spirit, we've got the Christmas tree up and already boxes are starting to gather around its base.

How did we know it was time?

The adverts have started! The old and the new, the funny and the sad and the ones which are so ingrained into the very fabric of Christmas that you can only start to feel Christmassy when that distant trail of smoke lets you know that the holiday's are coming.

Store Express' Favourite Christmas Adverts Ever

John Lewis' Monty The Penguin – If there's one thing the British people are its animal lovers. Starting off with a contemporary advert, this fantasy relationship between a boy and his penguin is a result of such innocent imagination that it cannot help but pull on our heartstrings. Their friendship is so delightfully British, with Monty watching Pingu, helping Sam build his Lego house and eat his fish fingers, and even helping the family trim their Christmas tree!

And then it gets worse! Monty looks at happy couples and the design of his character model is so staggering that you can see every ounce of loneliness on his little face. It is clear that, even without the fantastic cover of the classic Beatles song, the ‘Real Love' is not necessarily between the male and female penguins, but the simple, innocent and increasingly rare love of a young boy for his toys and his imagination.

Irn Bru's Snowman – A lot of Christmas adverts in the past have been serious affairs, about how fantastic sharing and loving one another is. Therefore, it isn't surprising that so many people (us included) get a kick out of Irn Bru's famous Snowman advert. Seeing the classic holiday figure finally lose his patience with a greedy little kid is almost therapeutic, reminding us that sharing is a two way thing.

Plus, seeing the kid plummet towards earth whilst the Snowman is happily drinking his Irn Bru always gets an appreciative grin.

John Lewis' Bear And The Hare – Back to John Lewis again for their 2013 Christmas advert - the Disney-inspired Bear And The Hare. It may have cost the company £7 Million, but with more than 14 million views online, John Lewis have proved themselves to be adept at creating heart-warming, inconceivable British adverts which bring the whole family together.

The Hare's ears are one of the most memorable aspects of any animated film ever. The way they convey the sadness that the Bear has never been able to enjoy Christmas before can make even a hardened soul feel a great sense of pity. Even the bear's exhausted face, and the joyous nature of the other animals can come close to bringing a tear to the viewer's eye!

Coca Cola's Holidays Are Coming! – Of course, this advert always manages to sneak onto any Christmas list, with all the subtlety of that famous truck ploughing through the snow. Coca Cola's advertising campaigns of the past have been so very American, so very obvious, that they are the ones who managed to create the current image of a Red & White Santa Claus.

Holiday's Are Coming remains the most famous Christmas advert of all time and is part of the campaign which, essentially, reinvented one of the most famous holiday figures of all time.

Sainsbury's Christmas Is For Sharing – As the centenary of the beginning of the First World War was this year, Sainsbury's joined up with The Royal British Legion to create a fantastic advert around the famous Christmas truce, when both English and German soldiers made peace on Christmas day and spent a few hours playing football in No Man's Land.

A stunning and inspiring piece of advertising and it seems to act less as an advertisement, and more as a fantastic tribute to the normal people who were trapped in a terrible situation. This TV advert, more than any other, is a testament to the true spirit of Christmas.

Of course, the fact that this clever marketing campaign released the same chocolate as can be seen in the advert hasn't gone unnoticed; this is a brilliant advertising strategy, whilst it doesn't detract from the commemoration of the narrative.

Store Express: Christmas eCommerce Solutions

At Store Express, we provide innovative and business-centric eCommerce Solutions, which can be adapted to match the season. These adverts are fantastic, they capture the spirit of Christmas and can make you laugh and cry in ways that some of the world's best directors can only dream of.

It is worth remembering, however, that these adverts are all back up by strong eCommerce solutions, and that the existence of a stable online platform has enabled these companies to maintain their level of popularity and natural growth.

For more information on how our incredible eCommerce solutions, designed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the eCommerce industry, can help your business, contact us today on 0845 050 3500, visit us or email our friendly support staff at

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