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Why do you need integration in your Ecommerce Solution?

To maximise sales potential, your products and brand must gain wide exposure and there’s no better way to achieve this other than by selling on eBay and Amazon. Store Express is a leading eBay and Amazon integration developer that you’ll need for superior services. Our flexible ecommerce solution , which includes the marketplace edition feature helps you sell on your website and on giants like Amazon and eBay. Your website could be integrated with these giants through a single interface called application program interface. This ecommerce solution allows you to control all transactions (ordering, processing, delivery) done on these giants through the single interface (API). These integration methods are tested, approved and fully compatible with eBay and Amazon. eBay and Amazon integration is fully automated without the need for manual intervention.

Features of Amazon and eBay integration:

• Re-typing your inventory isn’t necessary, as it gets automatically synchronised into eBay and Amazon from your website.

• Product listing, images and pricing (as starting, reserve, buy it now) could be done from your website on eBay.

• Items could be listed, edited and removed at your will using this ecommerce solution.

• Orders, returns, payment and shipment gets automatically synchronised from these platforms.

• Dual selling makes you aware of stock details and availability.

• This ecommerce solution helps you sell old stock through auction or buy it now option.


• eBay and Amazon integration allows dual selling so overselling is prevented.

• Saves time and energy.

• Increases product visibility.

• Since these giants already support a huge customer population, there’s no need to go in search of customers. Also selling on these giants will boost customer confidence and enhance brand credibility, which makes selling online even easier.

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