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Ecommerce websites are now a must for any business to succeed. If a business does not have an effective online presence, a competitor certainly will. Whether a business is just starting up or looking to revamp their current website, at Store Express we can offer a solution for ecommerce websites in Wigan which concentrates on web design and creating a multi-channel presence to boost conversions and attract new customers.

What Store Express Can Offer Ecommerce Websites In Wigan

Building an ecommerce website is a start, but it is not enough on its own to make a business more successful online. There will always be a competitor out there which can lure away customers from a business without the best ecommerce solution. It can take a lot of time and effort to effectively manage an online campaign, but at Store Express we can help ease the load. We can make ecommerce websites in Wigan turn into an easy to manage, profitable investment.

Multi-channel Ecommerce

– Having an ecommerce website is one thing, but to reach the potentially millions of customers which shop online every day a business needs to be in more than one place online. Store Express can give ecommerce websites in Wigan

a way to sell through multiple channels, such as Amazon and eBay. Keeping an eye on sales and stock from more than one channel may sound like a lot of work, but with us it is easier. Our solution allows businesses to manage all channels from one ecommerce management system (EMS), which saves time, money and can help increase return on investment (ROI.)

Web Design

– Increasing conversion rates online takes more than just stocking quality products. A business needs a well designed site which is targeted at a specific audience and industry. This design also needs to stay consistent across different channels and devices. At Store Express, we specialise is high conversion web design for brochure websites, social media channels and mobile optimised sites to maximise a business’ reach.

Responsive Design

– Businesses now need to provide a quality of service across all devices, because more shoppers are bouncing between platforms or simply turning to their mobile device to shop online. To provide a quality user experience across all channels, the transition between smart phones, tablets and desktops needs to be seamless. Responsive design operates from one set of URLs and HTML code which can adapt fluidly to all screen sizes and devices. At Store Express, we can design the perfect Responsive solution for

ecommerce websites in Wigan

which can boost conversions and traffic.

Why Use Store Express For Ecommerce Websites In Wigan

With over 10 years experience in ecommerce, we have developed a range of solutions which lead to better conversions, increased exposure and increased customer retention. Our solutions make it easier for businesses to manage their online channels and grow.

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