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The internet has allowed customers to share all kinds of information about themselves, their lives and their personal tastes. Most commonly on social media sites and this has given ecommerce websites a plethora of data that allows them to create great campaigns catered to their target markets and form more personal relationships with them.

Social network sites have millions of users and this presents a great opportunity for ecommerce companies to try and create a new marketplace for sales to take place. Facebook have begun to try and launch F-commerce but it hasn’t quite taken off, however the fact remains that this social network platform and many others like Twitter and Pinterest provide great ecommerce opportunities.

Facebook and Twitter Have Great Potential to Integrate Ecommerce

Facebook have created a ‘want’ button which is expected to drive more ecommerce activity on the network. In quarter 2 of 2012, Facebook accounted for 60% of social media driven purchases. From 2013 it is expected that other social networking sites will provide an ecommerce website component which capitalises on the 62% of adults around the world who use social media. Successfully integrating ecommerce into these networks can result in astounding sales figures and revenue.

Twitter provides a great ecommerce opportunity as the average user has 126 followers and achieves a click through rate of 1.17% with 1.4 followers clicking the link. By having these links lead to specific ecommerce website sales processes, Twitter users will have increased and easier opportunities to buy online.

2013 could be the year where social networking sites and ecommerce websites close in the gap between them and better synchronise online shopping with social sites filled with millions of potential sales from users.

Store Express Ecommerce Website Solutions

No matter what the future may hold, it is best that your current ecommerce website is optimised for the dynamic online sales world. Having ecommerce experts like Store Express work in partnership with you to implement ecommerce solutions ensures that you have all that is needed to deal with all that is currently happening in the ecommerce industry and have the ability to quickly adapt to any changes.

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